Catholic CornucopiadCheney

The Sacramentals
the Holy Catholic Church

Rev. A. A. Lambing, LL.D.

Author of “A History of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Pittsburg
And Alleghany,” “The Sunday-School Teacher’s Manual,”
“Masses for the Dead,” “Mixed Marriage,” etc., etc.

Nihil Obstat.

D. J. McMahon, D.D.,

Censor Librorum.


Michael Augustine,

Archbishop of New York.

New York, September 1, 1892.


Latest Additions/Updates

6 May 2019: Dedication; Preface; What are Sacramentals?; The Blessing and Thanksgiving at Meals; Church Bells; The Treasures of the Missal; Sacred Vestments; The Treasures of the Ritual; The Treasures of the Breviary; The Sign of the Cross.

7 May 2019: The Last Blessing, or Blessing “in Articulo Mortis”; The Burial Service; Mary Conceived with Sin, the Patroness of the United States.

16 May 2019: The Stations or Way of the Cross; The Holy Oils.

18 May 2019: Holy Water; The Asperges, or Sprinking of Holy Water before Mass.

This online edition is based on the original print edition, published in 1892.
Msgr. Andrew Arnold Lambing was born on 1 February 1842 and died 24 December 1918.

Copyright 1892, by Benziger Brothers. Online Edition Copyright David M. Cheney, 2019.