Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Catholic Customs and Symbols

Varied Forms and Figures of Catholic Usage, Ceremony and Practice Briefly Explained

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Hugh T. Henry, Litt.D., LL.D.

The Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
Author of “Hints to Preachers”

New York, Boston, Cincinnati, Chicago, San Francisco
Benziger Brothers, Inc.
Printers of the Holy Apostolic See

Nihil Obstat.

Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.,

Censor Librorum.


Patrick, Cardinal Hayes, D.D.,

Archbishop of New York.

New York, January 8, 1925.

Copyright, 1925, by Benziger Brothers
Printed in the United States of America


I. The Façade

  1. Catholic Joyousness
  2. Symbols
  3. Multiple Symbolism
  4. The Origin of Christian Symbolism
  5. Symbols of Christ
  6. The Cross
  7. Symbolism of a Church (Exterior)
  8. Church Bells
  9. The Symbolism of Mere Size
  10. The Church Door

    II. The Interior

  11. Symbolism of a Church (Interior)
  12. Church Windows
  13. Church Ceremonial
  14. Ceremonial Vindicated
  15. The Ceremonial as a Teacher
  16. The Symbolism of Candles
  17. Sacred Vestments and Linens
  18. Pros and Cons of Symbolic Vestments
  19. Liturgical Colors
  20. Pros and Cons of Liturgical Colors
  21. Ecclesiastical Proprieties
  22. Certain Ecclesiastical Colors
  23. Solemn Mass
  24. The Sign of the Cross
  25. The Liturgical Kiss
  26. Gloria in Excelsis
  27. Criticizing the Sermon
  28. Tersanctus and Trisagion
  29. The Preface
  30. Liturgical Silences
  31. The Canon of the Mass
  32. The Elevation
  33. Commemorations of the Living and the Dead
  34. The Pater Noster
  35. The Origins of the Agnus Dei
  36. Agnus Dei
  37. Tropes of the Agnus Dei
  38. Agnus Dei (Music)
  39. The Liturgical Year
  40. The Meaning of Advent
  41. Adeste Fideles
  42. Septuagesima
  43. Lent in the Olden Times
  44. Passiontide
  45. The Paschal Candle
  46. The Quaint Easter Sequence
  47. Rogation Days
  48. The Novena for Pentecost
  49. Ember Days
  50. Vigils
  51. The Triduum
  52. Octaves
  53. Novenas
  54. Reform of the Calendar

    III. The Lady Chapel

  55. Lady Chapels
  56. The Litany of Loreto
  57. Mother of Christ
  58. Mother of Divine Grace
  59. Mother Most Pure
  60. Mother of Good Counsel
  61. Mirror of Justice
  62. Seat of Wisdom
  63. Cause of Our Joy
  64. The “Vessel” of the Litany
  65. Mystical Rose
  66. The Mystical Tower
  67. House of Gold
  68. Ark of the Covenant
  69. Gate of Heaven
  70. Morning Star
  71. The Memorare
  72. Symbolism of Scapulars
  73. Scapular Colors and Images
  74. Flowers
  75. “Say It With Flowers”
  76. Flowers at Funerals
  77. “The Little Flower”
  78. Symbolic Five
  79. Mystical Seven
  80. A Symbolic Decade
  81. Devotional Numbers
  82. Conclusion

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11 Mar 2023: Glossary; I. The Façade; II. The Interior; III. The Lady Chapel; Catholic Joyousness; Symbols; Multiple Symbolism; The Origin of Christian Symbolism; Symbols of Christ.

10 Mar 2023: Dedication; Preface; The Scheme of the Book; Conclusion; Reference Works Quoted.

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