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This website is a collection of things Catholic. Most are older in origin, but still quite useful, at least in my opinion. My hope is to continue to expand the content available here over the coming years. (If you'd like to assist, please let me know :-)


A little book on the meaning of various flowers from a Catholic perspective written by young British ladies in 1861.

by James Cardinal Gibbons
Published in 1917.

Edited by Rev. Matthew Britt, O.S.B.
A classic book which aims to make Catholic hymns better known and understood.
Published in 1922.

Includes the General Roman Calendar, Proper Calendar for the US, and summary of the liturgical calendar since the revision of the 1970's into the next century.

The Sacramentals of the Holy Catholic Church

or Flowers from the Garden of the Liturgy

By Rev. William J. Barry
A classic book on sacramentals.
Published in 1858.

By Rev. A. A. Lambing, LL.D.
Another classic book on sacramentals.
Published in 1892.

The Roman Breviary

Its Sources and History

By Dom Jules Baudot
A classic book on the development fo the Roman Breviary up to the early 20th century.
Published in 1909.

The Externals of the Catholic Church

Her Government, Ceremonies, Festivals, Sacramentals, and Devotions

By Rev. John F. Sullivan
A classic book on a variety of Catholic Church topics.
Revised Edition. Published in 1919.

Lyra Catholica

Translated by Edward Caswall, M.A.
Another classic book on the hymns of the Breviary and the Missal.
Published in 1848.

A collection of classic hymns and prayers mostly in English and Latin.

Catholic Customs and Symbols

Varied Forms and Figures of Catholic Usage, Ceremony and Practice Briefly Explained

By Rt. Rev. Msgr. Hugh T. Henry, Litt.D., LL.D.
A classic book on a variety of Catholic Church topics.
Published in 1925.

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