Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Letter J

The Catholic Language of Flowers


(Jasminum: Nat. Order, Jasmineæ)

The Jasmine loves man and the home of man; it shuns the fields, but clings with affection to our dwellings, clothing them with its beautiful leaves and starry flowers. Thus does Amiability shed its sweet influence most on home; there it shines most bnghtly; there it best displays its beauty.

Jacob’s Ladder,—Prayer

(Polemonium cæruleum: Nat. Order, Polemoniaceæ)

The name of this little flower recalls to our minds the dream of the Patriarch Jacob, in which he saw angels ascending and descending upon a ladder that reached from earth to heaven. The holy Fathers have always regarded this ladder as a figure of prayer: for by prayer we mount to Heaven, and bright angelic spirits draw near to us, bringing us God’s choicest blessings.