Catholic CornucopiadCheney

The Externals
the Catholic Church

Her Government, Ceremonies, Festivals, Sacramentals, and Devotions

Rev. John F. Sullivan
of the Diocese of Providence

Revised to Conform to the New Code
of Canon Law

New York
P. J. Kenedy & Sons

Nihil Obstat.

Arthur J. Scanlan, S.T.D.,

Censor Librorum.


John Cardinal Farley, D.D.,

Archbishop of New York.

New York, March 27, 1918.


Part I. The Government of the Church

  1. The Pope
  2. The Cardinals and the Roman Court
  3. The Bishops and the Diocesan Clergy

    Part II. The Religious State

  4. The Monastic Life
  5. The Great Religious Orders
  6. Religious Life for Women

    Part III. The Administration of the Sacraments

  7. The Ceremonies of Baptism
  8. The Sponsors in Baptistm
  9. The Ceremonies of Confirmation
  10. The Confession of Sins
  11. The Ceremonies of Extreme Unction
  12. The Ceremonies of Holy Orders
  13. The Ceremonies of Matrimony

    Part IV. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

  14. The Mass
  15. The Growth of the Mass—I
  16. The Growth of the Mass—II
  17. The Growth of the Mass—III
  18. The Requisites for the Mass
  19. Why the Mass is Said in Latin

    Part V. The Ecclesiastical Year

  20. The Church’s Calendar
  21. Festivals
  22. Advent
  23. Christmas Day
  24. Lent and Holy Week

    Part VI. The Sacramentals

  25. The Sign of the Cross
  26. The Cross and the Crucifix
  27. Holy Water
  28. Vestments
  29. The Stations of the Cross
  30. The Holy Oils
  31. Candles
  32. The Rosary
  33. Scapulars—I
  34. Scapulars—II
  35. The Agnus Dei
  36. Palms
  37. Incense
  38. Church Bells
  39. Religious Medals
  40. Ashes

    Part VII. The Liturgical Books

  41. The Missal
  42. The Breviary
  43. The Ritual

    Part VIII. Devotions

  44. The Devotion to the Sacred Heart
  45. The Invocation of the Saints
  46. The Veneration of Images
  47. The Veneration of Relics
  48. (a) The Forty Hours’ Adoration
    (b) Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
  49. Our Daily Prayers
  50. The Litanies

    Part IX. Miscellaneous

  51. Services for the Dead
  52. The Churching of Women
  53. Fasting and Abstinence
  54. Indulgences
  55. Pilgrimages
  56. An Unmarried Clergy
  57. Christian Symbols
  58. The Catholic Bible
  59. Church Music
  60. Psalms and Hymns
  61. The Marriage Laws
  62. Religious Societies
  63. The Canonization of a Saint
  64. Church Buildings and Their Parts
  65. The Consecration of a Church
  66. Other Rites than Ours
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Latest Additions/Updates

15 Dec 2022: The Growth of the Mass—I; The Growth of the Mass—II; The Growth of the Mass—III; The Requisites for the Mass; Why the Mass is Said in Latin.

13 Dec 2022: The Missal; The Breviary; The Ritual; The Mass.

12 Dec 2021: The Ceremonies of Holy Orders; The Ceremonies of Matrimony.

11 Dec 2021: The Ceremonies of Baptism; The Sponsors in Baptistm; The Ceremonies of Confirmation; The Confession of Sins; The Ceremonies of Extreme Unction.

10 Dec 2021: The Bishops and the Diocesan Clergy; The Monastic Life; The Great Religious Orders; Religious Life for Women.

1 Jun 2019: Preface; The Pope; The Cardinals and the Roman Court.

This online edition is based on the revised print edition, published in 1919.
Rev. John F. Sullivan was a priest in the diocese of Providence.

Copyright 1917-1918, by P. J. Kenedy & Sons. Online Edition Copyright David M. Cheney, 2019-2022.