Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Nullis te genitor

From the truth the soul to turn

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Nullis te genitor blanditiis trahit,
    Non vitæ caperis divitis otio,
    Gemmarumve nitore,
    Regnandive cupidine.
  2. Diris non acies te gladii minis,
    Nee terret perimens carnificis furor:
    Nam mansura caducis
    Præfers gaudia cœlitum.
  3. Nunc nos e Superum protege sedibus
    Clemens, atque preces, dum canimus tua
    Quæsitam nece palmam,
    Pronis auribus excipe.
  4. Sit rerum Domino jugis honor Patri,
    Et Natum celebrent ora precantium,
    Divinumque supremis
    Flamen laudibus efferant.
  1. From the truth the soul to turn,
    Pleads a father’s voice in vain;
    Naught to thee were jewelled crown,
    Earthly pleasure, earthly gain.
  2. Angry threat and naked sword
    Daunted not thy courage high;
    Choosing glory with the Lord,
    Rather than a present joy.
  3. Now amidst the Saints in light,
    Throned in bliss forevermore;—
    Oh! from thy exalted height,
    Hear the solemn prayer we pour.
  4. Honor, glory, majesty,
    To the Father and the Son,
    With the Holy Spirit be,
    While eternal ages run.
This is a continuation of the preceding hymn. Translation by Father Caswall. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Matins on the Feast of St. Hermengild.
  1. “By no blandishments could thy father seduce thee, nor wert thou captivated by the leisure of a life of affluence, nor by the sparkling of gems, nor by the desire of reigning.”
  2. “The sharp edge of the sword, with dire threats, did not terrify thee, nor did the destructive rage of the executioner; for thou didst prefer the abiding joys of the Blessed to transitory ones.”
  3. “Do thou now from the mansions of the Blessed graciously protect us, and with willing ear receive our prayers, while we celebrate in song the martyr’s palm obtained by thy death.”