Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Salvete Christi vulnera

Hail, holy Wounds of Jesus, hail

The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
1 July

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Salvete Christi vulnera,
    Immensi amoris pignora,
    Quibus perennes rivuli
    Manant rubentis Sanguinis.
  2. Nitore stellas vincitis,
    Rosas odore et balsama,
    Pretio lapillos indicos,
    Mellis favos dulcedine.
  3. Per vos patet gratissimum
    Nostris asylum mentibus,
    Non huc furor minantium
    Unquam penetrat hostium.
  4. Quot Jesus in Pretorio
    Flagella nudus excipit!
    Quot scissa pellis undique
    Stillat cruoris guttulas!
  5. Frontem venustam, proh dolor!
    Corona pungit spinea,
    Clavi retusa cuspide
    Pedes manusque perforant.
  6. Postquam sed ille tradidit
    Amans volensque spiritum,
    Pectus feritur lancea,
    Geminusque liquor exilit.
  7. Ut plena sit redemptio
    Sub torculari stringitur,
    Suique Jesus immemor,
    Sibi nil reservat Sanguinis.
  8. Venite, quotquot criminum
    Funesta labes inficit:
    In hoc salutis balneo
    Qui se lavat, mundabitur.
  9. Summi ad Parentis dexteram
    Sedenti habenda est gratia,
    Qui nos redemit Sanguine,
    Sanctoque firmat Spiritu.
  1. Hail, holy Wounds of Jesus, hail,
    Sweet pledges of the saving Rood,
    Whence flow the streams that never fail,
    The purple streams of His dear Blood.
  2. Brighter than brightest stars ye show,
    Than sweetest rose your scent more rare,
    No Indian gem may match your glow,
    No honey’s taste with yours compare.
  3. Portals ye are to that dear home
    Wherein our wearied souls may hide,
    Whereto no angry foe can come,
    The Heart of Jesus crucified.
  4. What countless stripes our Jesus bore,
    All naked left in Pilate’s hall!
    From His torn flesh ow red a shower
    Did round His sacred person fall!
  5. His beauteous brow, oh, shame and grief,
    By the sharp thorny crown is riven;
    Through hands and feet, without relief,
    The cruel nails are rudely driven.
  6. But when for our poor sakes He died,
    A willing Priest by love subdued,
    The soldier’s lance transfixed His side,
    Forth flowed the Water and the Blood.
  7. In full atonement of our guilt,
    Careless of self, the Saviour trod—
    E’en till His Heart’s best Blood was spilt—
    The wine-press of the wrath of God.
  8. Come, bathe you in the healing flood,
    All ye who mourn, by sin opprest;
    Your only hope is Jesus’ Blood,
    His Sacred Heart your only rest.
  9. All praise to Him, the Eternal Son,
    At God’s right hand enthroned above,
    Whose Blood our full redemption won,
    Whose Spirit seals the gift of love.
Author: Unknown, 17th cent. Meter: Iambic dimeter. Translation by H. N. Oxenham. There are six translations. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds on the Feast of the Most Precious Blood. There is an article on this hymn in the Cath. Encycl.
  1. “Hail, ye Wounds of Christ, pledges of boundless love, whence unfailing streams of crimson Blood flow forth.”
  2. “In splendor ye surpass the stars; in fragrance, roses and balsam; in value, Indian jems; in sweetness, honey.” Favus, i, honeycomb, honey.
  3. “Through you stands open for our hearts a most inviting place of refuge, whereto the rage of threatening enemies can never pentrate.”
  4. “What countless stripes did the naked Jesus receive in the judgment hall! How many drops of Blood did His lacerated skin let fall on every side!”
  5. “O grief! a thorny crown pierces His lovely brow; nails with blunt points pierce His feet and hands.”
  6. “But after He had lovingly and of His own free will given up the ghost, a lance transfixed His breast, and a twofold stream sprang forth.” Geminus liquor, Blood and Water (cf. John 19, 34).
  7. “That the Redemption might be complete, Jesus is pressed beneath the wine-press, and, all unmindful of Himself, He reserves for Himself none of His Blood.” The term “wine-press” is frequently used in the Scriptures in a figurative sense signifying destruction, tribulation, etc. (cf. Is. 63, 1-3; Apoc. 19, 11-15).
  8. “Come, all ye whom the deadly stain of sin hath infected; whoever washes himself in this saving bath shall be made clean.”
  9. “Thanks are due to Him who sitteth at the right hand of the sovereign Father, to Him who hath redeemed us by His Blood, and strengthened us by the Holy Spirit.”