Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Miris modis

In wondrous mode set free

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Miris modis repente liber, ferrea,
    Christo jubente, vincla Petrus exuit:
    Ovilis ille Pastor, et Rector gregis
    Vitæ recludit pascua, et fontes sacros,
    Ovesque servat creditas; arcet lupos.
  2. Patri perenne sit per ævum gloria,
    Tibique laudes concinamus inclytas,
    Æterne Nate, sit, superne Spiritus,
    Honor tibi, decusque: sancta jugiter
    Laudetur omne Trinitas per sæculum.
  1. In wondrous mode set free, lo, at the Lord’s command
    The galling iron chain doth fall from Peter’s hand,
    From Peter, Shepherd blest, who doth with gentle sway,
    His faithful children lead in virtue’s fragrant way,
    And e’er with watchful love the tempter drive away.
  2. Now to the Father be eternal glory done;
    Our songs we raise to Thee, O everlasting Son;
    O Spirit from on high, Thy throne we bow before;
    To Thee be honor, praise, and glory evermore:
    The Holy Trinity we worship and adore.
This is one stanza of the hymn described under hymn 89. Meter: Iambic trimeter. Translation by Father Potter. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Vespers. First line of Original Text: Petrus beatus catenarum laqueos. For an account of the miraculous deliverance of St. Peter from prison read Acts 12, 3-10.
  1. “Suddenly and in a wondrous manner set free, Peter at Christ’s command puts off the iron chains: he the shepherd and the ruler of the flock of sheep makes known the pastures of life and the sacred springs; he guards the sheep entrusted to him, and keeps the wolves away.” Ovilis, adj., of sheep.