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Christe, sanctorum

Christ, of the Angels praise and adoration

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Christe, sanctorum decus Angelorum,
    Gentis humanæ sator et redemptor,
    Cœlitum nobis tribuas beatas
        Scandere sedes.
  2. Angelus pacis Michael in ædes
    Cœlitus nostras veniat, serenæ
    Auctor ut pacis lacrimosa in orcum
        Bella releget.
  3. Angelus fortis Gabriel, ut hostes
    Pellat antiquos, et amica cœlo,
    Quæ triumphator statuit per orbem,
        Templa revisat.
  4. Angelus nostræ medicus salutis,
    Adsit e cœlo Raphael, ut omnes
    Sanet ægrotos, dubiosque vitæ
        Dirigat actus.
  5. Virgo dux pacis, Genitrixque lucis,
    Et sacer nobis chorus Angelorum
    Semper assistat, simul et micantis
        Regia cœli.
  6. Præstet hoc nobis Deitas beata
    Patris, ac Nati, pariterque sancti
    Spiritus, cujus resonat per omnem
        Gloria mundum.
  1. Christ, of the Angels praise and adoration,
    Father and Saviour Thou, of every nation,
    Graciously grant us all to gain a station,
        Where Thou art reigning.
  2. Angel all peaceful, to our dwellings send us,
    Michael, from heaven coming to befriend us,
    Breathing serenest peace may he attend us,
        Grim war dispelling.
  3. Angel of strength, who triumphed, tumults quelling,
    Gabriel send us, ancient foes expelling,
    Oft in these temples may he make his dwelling,
        Dear unto heaven.
  4. Angel Physician, health on man bestowing,
    Raphael send us from the skies all glowing,
    All sickness curing, wisest counsel showing
        In doubt and danger.
  5. May the fair Mother of the Light be o’er us,
    Virgin of peace, with all the Angel chorus,
    And may the heavenly army go before us,
        Guiding and guarding.
  6. O May the Godhead, endless bliss possessing,
    Father, Son, Spirit, grant to us this blessing;
    All His creation joins His praise confessing,
        Now and forever.
Author: Ascribed to Rabanus Maurus (776-856). Meter: Sapphic and Adonic. Translation by T. I. Ball. There are thirteen translations. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds.
  1. “O Christ, Thou glory of the holy Angels, the Creator and Redeemer of mankind, grant that we may ascend to the happy abodes of the Blessed.” Scandere = ascendere; constr., scandere ad or in; it may also take the accusative, being used as an active verb.
  2. “May Michael, the Angel of peace, descend from heaven into our homes, that he, the author of sweet peace, may banish dismal war to hell.” St. Michael is the Angel of peace because he was the leader of the heavenly hosts that fought with the rebel angels, and by his victory established peace in heaven (Cf. Apoc. 12, 7-9). Orcus, the infernal regions.
  3. “May Gabriel, Angel of strength, put to flight our ancient enemies, may he revisit the temples dear to heaven, which the conqueror has placed throughout the world.” Triumphator, Christ. Templa revisat: An allusion probably to the Archangel’s visit to Zachary (Cf. Luke 1, 11-19).
  4. “May the Angel Raphael, the physician of our health, descending from heaven, be at our side, that he may heal all that are infirm, and guide us in the uncertain undertakings of life.” The Archangel Raphael was the guide and protector of the younger Tobias, and the physician who restored the sight of the elder Tobias (Cf. Tobias 5-11).
  5. “May the Virgin Queen of Peace, the Mother of Light, the sacred choir of Angels, and the court of radiant heaven always assist us.” Lucis, Christ. Ego sum lux mundi (John 8, 12). The Blessed Virgin is invoked as she is the Queen of Angels (Litany). The following is Father Caswall’s translation of this stanza:
    Thou too, fair virgin, Daughter of the skies!
    Mother of Light, and Queen of Peace, descend;
    Bringing with thee the radiant court of heaven,
        To aid us and defend.
  6. “May the Blessed Godhead of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, whose glory resounds throughout the world, grant us this our prayer.”