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O gloriosa virginum

O glorious Lady

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. O gloriosa virginum,
    Sublimis inter sidera,
    Qui te creavit, parvulum
    Lacetente nutris ubere.
  2. Quod Heva tristis abstulit,
    Tu reddis almo germine:
    Intrent ut astra flebiles,
    C&oalig;li recludis cardines.
  3. Tu regis alti janua,
    Et aula lucis fulgida:
    Vitam datam per Virginem
    Gentes redemptæ plaudit.
  4. Jesu tibi sit gloria,
    Qui natus es de Virgine,
    Cum Patre, et almo Spiritu
    In sempiterna sæcula.
  1. O glorious Lady! Throned on high
    Above the star-illumined sky;
    Thereto ordained, thy bosom lent
    To thy Creator nourishment.
  2. Through thy sweet Offsping we receive
    The bliss once lost through hapless Eve;
    And heaven to mortals open lies
    Now thou art Portal of the skies.
  3. Thou art the Door of heaven’s high King,
    Light’s Gateway fair and glistering;
    Life through a Virgin is restored;
    Ye ransomed nations, praise the Lord!
  4. All honor, laud, and glory be,
    O Jesu, Virgin-born to Thee;
    All glory, as is ever meet,
    To Father and to Paraclete.
This hymn is a continuation of the preceding hymn. Translation by J. W. Doran and M. J. Blacker. There are fourteen translations. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds on Feasts of Our Lady. First line of Original Text: O gloriosa Femina (or Domina).
  1. “O most glorious of Virgins, the most exalted among the Blessed, Him who created thee thou didst nourish as a Child at thy maternal breast.” Sidera, all created heavenly beings.
  2. “What hapless Eve deprived us of, thou, by thy beloved Offspring, didst restore: that those who weep may enter heaven, open thou the door thereof.” Cardo, a hinge, by synec, a door, gate.
  3. “Thou art the Door of the great King, the refulgent Hall of light: sing, O redeemed nations, the Life given us through a Virgin.” Vitam = Christum. Plaudite, applaud, here used transitively.