Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Urbs Jerusalem beata

Blessed City, heavenly Salem

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Urbs Jerusalem beata,
    Dicta pacis visio,
    Quæ construitur in cœlis
    Vivis ex lapidibus,
    Et Angelis coronata,
    Ut sponsata comite.
  2. Nova veniens e cœlo,
    Nuptiali thalamo,
    Præparata, ut sponsata
    Copuletur Domino:
    Plateæ et muri ejus,
    Ex auro purissimo.
  3. Portæ nitent margaritis
    Adytis patentibus;
    Et virtute meritorum
    Illuc introducitur
    Omnis qui ob Christi nomen
    Hic in mundo premitur.
  4. Tunsionibus, pressuris
    Expoliti lapides,
    Suis coaptantur locis
    Per manus artificis,
    Disponuntur permansuri
    Sacris ædificiis.
  1. Blessed City, heavenly Salem,
    Vision dear of peace and love,
    Who, of living stones upbuilded,
    Art the joy of heaven above,
    And, with Angel cohorts circled,
    As a Bride to earth dost move!
  2. From celestial realms descending,
    Ready for the nuptial bed,
    To His presence, decked with jewels,
    By her Lord shall she be led:
    All her streets and all her bulwarks
    Of pure gold are fashioned.
  3. Bright with pearls her portal glitters;
    It is open evermore;
    And, by virtue of His merits,
    Thither faithful souls may soar,
    Who for Christ’s dear Name in this world
    Pain and tribulation bore.
  4. Many a blow and biting sculpture
    Polished well those stones elect,
    In their places now compacted
    By the heavenly Architect,
    Who therewith hath willed forever
    That His palace should be decked.