Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Angularis fundamentum

Christ is made the sure Foundation

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Angularis fundamentum
    Lapis Christus missus est,
    Qui parietum compage
    In utroque nectitur,
    Quem Sion sancta suscepit,
    In quo credens permanet.
  2. Omnis ilia Deo sacra,
    Et dilecta civitas,
    Plena modulis in laude,
    Et canore jubilo,
    Trinum Deum unicumque
    Cum fervore prædicat.
  3. Hoc in templo, summe Deus,
    Exoratus adveni;
    Et dementi bonitate
    Precum vota suscipe;
    Largam benedictionem
    Hic infunde jugiter.
  4. Hic promereantur omnes
    Petita acquirere,
    Et adepta possidere,
    Cum Sanctis perenniter
    Paradisum introire,
    Translati in requiem.
  5. Gloria et honor Deo
    Usquequaque Altissimo,
    Una Patri Filioque,
    Inclyto Paraclito,
    Cui laus est et potestas,
    Per æterna sæcula.
  1. Christ is made the sure Foundation,
    And the precious Corner-stone,
    Who, the two walls underlying,
    Bound in each, binds both in one,
    Holy Sion’s help forever,
    And her confidence alone.
  2. All that dedicated City,
    Dearly loved by God on high,
    In exultant jubilation
    Pours perpetual melody;
    God the One, and God the Trinal,
    Singing everlastingly.
  3. To this temple, where we call Thee,
    Come, O Lord of Hosts, to-day;
    With Thy wonted loving-kindness
    Hear Thy people as they pray;
    And Thy fullest benediction
    Shed within its walls for aye.
  4. Here vouchsafe to all Thy servants
    What they supplicate to gain;
    Here to have and hold forever
    Those good things their prayers obtain;
    And hereafter in Thy glory
    With Thy blessed ones to reign.
  5. Laud and honor to the Father;
    Laud and honor to the Son;
    Laud and honor to the Spirit;
    Ever Three, and ever One:
    Consubstantial, co-eternal,
    While unending ages run.
The above hymn is the Original Text of Hymns 166 and 167. Meter: Trochaic tetrameter. Translation by J. M. Neale.
  1. “Jerusalem, blessed city, called the vision of peace; city built up in heaven of living stones, and surrounded by Angels, as a bride by her attendants.”
  2. “’Tis the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, adorned for the nuptial chamber, that as a bride she may be united to her Lord: her streets and her walls are of purest gold.”
  3. “Her gates glitter with pearls, her inmost shrines are wide open: and every one that suffers in this world for the Name of Christ, finds entrance there, in virtue of His merits.”
  4. “These stones, polished by blows and by afflictions, are fitted to their places by the hands of the Builder: they are arranged to remain forever in the sacred edifice.” Pressura, æ, oppression, affliction.
  5. “Christ the corner-stone was sent to be the foundation bound in both joints of the walls; whom holy Sion received, and believing in Him, she endures forever.”
  6. “All this beloved city, sacred to God, is full of melodies: in praise and joyful song she extols with zeal the Triune God.”
  7. “In this temple, O most high God, be present when Thou art invoked; and in Thy merciful goodness receive our prayers; here pour out forever Thy abundant blessings.”
  8. “Here may all merit to obtain what they ask for, and to keep what they have obtained: so that when taken to their rest they may merit to enter Paradise forever with the Saints.”
  9. “Everywhere be there glory and honor to God most high; equal glory to the Father, Son, and glorious Paraclete, to whom belong praise and power through everlasting ages.”