Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Urbs Sion aurea

Jerusalem the golden

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Sion aurea, patria lactea,
    cive decora,
    Omne cor obruis, omnibus ob-
    struis et cor et ora.
  2. Nescio, nescio, quæ jubilatio, lux
    tibi qualis,
    Quam socialia gaudia, gloria quam
  3. Sunt Sion atria conjubilantia,
    martyre plena,
    Cive micantia, principe stantia,
    luce serena.
  4. Sunt ibi pascua mentibus afflua
    Præstita sanctis;
    Regis ibi thronus, agminis et sonus
    est epulantis.
  5. Gens duce splendida, contio can-
    Dida vestibus albis,
    Sunt sine fletibus in Sion ædibus,
    ædibus almis.
  1. Jerusalem the golden,
    With milk and honey blest,
    Beneath thy contemplation
    Sink heart and voice opprest.
  2. I know not, O I know not
    What joys await us there,
    What radiancy of glory,
    What light beyond compare.
  3. They stand, those halls of Sion,
    Conjubilant with song,
    And bright with many an Angel,
    And all the Martyr throng;
  4. The Prince is ever in them,
    The. daylight is serene,
    The pastures of the blessed.
    Are decked in glorious sheen.
  5. There is the throne of David;
    And there, from care released,
    The song of them that triumph,
    The shout of them that feast;
  6. And they who with their Leader
    Have conquered in the fight,
    Forever and forever
    Are clad in robes of white.