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Jesu Rex admirabilis

O Jesu, King most wonderful

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Jesu Rex admirabilis,
    Et triumphator nobilis,
    Dulcedo ineffabilis,
    Totus desiderabilis.
  2. Quando cor nostrum visitas,
    Tune lucet ei veritas,
    Mundi vilescit vanitas,
    Et intus fervet caritas.
  3. Jesu dulcedo cordium,
    Fons vivus, lumen mentium,
    Excedens omne gaudium,
    Et omne desiderium.
  4. Jesum omnes agnoscite,
    Amorem ejus poscite:
    Jesum ardenter quærite,
    Quærendo inardescite.
  5. Te nostra Jesu vox sonet,
    Nostri te mores exprimant,
    Te corda nostra diligant,
    Et nunc, et in perpetuum.
  1. O Jesu, King most wonderful
    Thou conqueror renowned,
    Thou sweetness most ineffable,
    In whom all joys are found!
  2. When once Thou visitest the heart,
    Then truth begins to shine;
    Then earthly vanities depart;
    Then kindles love divine.
  3. O Jesu, light of all below,
    Thou fount of life and fire,
    Surpassing all the joys we know,
    And all we can desire:
  4. May every heart confess Thy Name,
    And ever Thee adore;
    And, seeking Thee, itself inflame
    To seek Thee more and more.
  5. Thee may our tongues forever bless;
    Thee may we love alone;
    And ever in our lives express
    The image of Thine own.
Author, Translation, etc., as in the preceding hymn.
  1. “O Jesus, admirable king and noble conqueror, sweetness ineffable, wholly to be desired.” Totus, wholly, altogether, above all else.
  2. “When Thou dost visit our heart, then truth illuminates it; the vanity of the world becomes contemptible, and charity glows within.”
  3. “O Jesus, sweetness of hearts, living fountain, light of intellects, Thou dost surpass all joys and all desires.”
  4. “Let all confess Jesus, let all earnestly ask for His love; let all zealously seek Jesus, and in seeking Him become enkindled.”
  5. “Thee, O Jesus, may our voices praise; may the whole course of our lives (mores) give testimony of Thee; may our hearts love Thee now and forever.”