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Jesu decus angelicum

O Jesu, Thou the Beauty art

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Jesu decus angelicum,
    In aure dulce canticum,
    In ore mel mirificum,
    In corde nectar cœlicum.
  2. Qui te gustant, esuriunt;
    Qui bibunt, adhuc sitiunt;
    Desiderare nesciunt,
    Nisi Jesum, quem diligunt.
  3. O Jesu mi dulcissime,
    Spes suspirantis animæ!
    Te quærunt piæ lacrimæ,
    Te clamor mentis intimæ.
  4. Mane nobiscum Domine,
    Et nos illustra lumine;
    Pulsa mentis caligine,
    Mundum reple dulcedine.
  5. Jesu flos Matris Virginis,
    Amor nostræ dulcedinis,
    Tibi laus, honor nominis,
    Regnum beatitudinis.
  1. O Jesu, Thou the Beauty art
    Of Angel-worlds above;
    Thy name is music to the heart,
    Enchanting it with love.
  2. Celestial Sweetness unalloyed!
    Who eat Thee hunger still;
    Who drink of Thee still feel a void,
    Which naught but Thou can fill.
  3. O my sweet Jesu! hear the sighs
    Which unto Thee I send;
    To Thee mine inmost spirit cries
    My being’s hope and end!
  4. Stay with us, Lord, and with Thy light
    Illume the soul’s abyss;
    Scatter the darkness of our night,
    And fill the world with bliss.
  5. O Jesu, spotless Virgin-flower,
    Our life and joy; to Thee
    Be praise, beatitude, and power,
    Through all eternity.
Author, Translation, etc., as in the preceding hymns.
  1. “O Jesus, glory of the Angels, Thou art a sweet canticle to the ear, wondrous honey to the mouth, heavenly nectar to the heart.”
  2. “Those who taste of Thee still hunger; those who drink of Thee still thirst; they know not to desire ought else but Jesus whom they love.” Ego sum panis vitæ: qui venit ad me, non esuriet: et qui credit in me, non sitiet unquam (John 6, 35).
  3. “O my most sweet Jesus, the hope of my sighing soul; loving tears and the cry of my inmost heart seek after Thee.”
  4. “Stay with us, O Lord, and illuminate us with Thy light; the darkness of the mind having been dispelled, fill the world with Thy sweetness.”
  5. “O Jesus, flower of the Virgin-Mother, love of our sweetness, to Thee be praise, honor of name, kingdom of blessedness.”