Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Tu, Trinitatis Unitas

O Thou, who dost all nature sway

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Tu, Trinitatis Unitas,
    Orbem potenter quæ regis,
    Attende laudis canticum,
    Quod excubantes psallimus.
  2. Ortus refulget lucifer,
    Præitque solem nuntius:
    Cadunt tenebræ noctium:
    Lux sancta nos illuminet.
  3. Deo Patri sit gloria,
    Ejusque soli Filio,
    Cum Spiritu Paraclito,
    Nunc et per omne sæculum.
  1. O Thou, who dost all nature sway,
    Dread Trinity in Unity,
    Accept the trembling praise we pay
    To Thy eternal majesty.
  2. The star that heralds in the dawn
    Is slowly fading in the skies;
    The darkness melts—O Thou true Light,
    Upon our darkened souls arise.
  3. To God the Father glory be,
    And to the sole-begotten Son,
    And Holy Ghost co-equally,
    While everlasting ages run.
Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Translation by Father Caswall. This hymn is a cento from hymns already treated. The first stanza is from Hymn 19; the second, from Hymn 20.