Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Summi Parentis Filio

O Thou, the Son of God most High

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Summi Parentis Filio,
    Patri futuri sęculi,
    Pacis beatę Principi,
    Promamus ore canticum.
  2. Qui vulneratus pectore
    Amoris ictum pertulit,
    Amoris urens ignibus
    Ipsum qui amantem diligunt.
  3. Jesu, doloris victima,
    Quis te innocentem compulit,
    Dura ut apertum lancea
    Latus pateret vulneri?
  4. O fons amoris inclyte!
    O vena aquarum limpida,
    O flamma adurens crimina!
    O cordis ardens caritas!
  5. In Corde, Jesu, jugiter
    Reconde nos, ut uberi
    Dono fruamur gratię,
    Cœlique tandem pręmiis.
  6. Semper Parenti, et Filio,
    Sit laus, honor, sit gloria,
    Sancto simul Paraclito
    In sęculorum sęcula.
  1. O Thou, the Son of God most High,
    Thou Father of the life to be,
    O Prince of Peace, to Thee we cry,
    We bring our song of praise to Thee.
  2. Thy Heart was wounded by the blow
    Ordained of everlasting love;
    Such love among Thy flocks below
    Thou kindlest at the fires above.
  3. Dear Christ in pity for our woe
    Thou didst Thyself as victim give,
    The cruel pangs to undergo,
    To ope Thy breast that man might live.
  4. O sacred fount of love sublime,
    O living spring of waters free,
    O fire to cleanse away all crime,
    O Heart aflame with charity.
  5. Lord, keep us ever in Thy Heart,
    Thy tender love to feel and know,
    The joys of heaven to us impart,
    When we shall leave these walks below.
  6. Glory to Father and to Son,
    And to the Holy Ghost the same,
    To whom all power, when time is done,
    And endless rule, in endless fame.
Author: Unknown, 18th cent. Meter: Iambic dimeter. Translation by D. J. Donahoe. There are five translations. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds in an Office of the Sacred Heart granted by special concession. Like the preceding hymn it is not found in the latest edition of the Breviary.

  1. “Let us sing a hymn of praise to the Son of the most High Father, to the Father of the world to come, to the Prince of blessed peace.” Patri futuri sæculi: These words and Princeps pacis, refer to Christ, and are taken literally from Isaias 9, 6.
  2. “He who, wounded in the breast, endured out of love the stroke, doth enkindle with the flames of love those who reciprocate His love.” Constr.: Urens (eos) ignibus amoris qui ipsum amantem diligunt.
  3. “O Jesus, Victim of sorrow, who drove Thee, innocent, thereto, that Thy side, opened by a cruel spear, should be exposed to injury!” Dora, hard, unfeeling. Vulneri, hurt, wounding.
  4. “O glorious fount of love! O limpid spring of waters! O flame that burnest away sins! O the glowing love of that Heart!”
  5. “In Thy Heart, O Jesus, hide us forever, that we may enjoy rich gifts of grace, and in the end, the rewards of heaven.”
  6. “Be praise, honor, and glory to the Father and Son forever; and likewise, through all ages to the Holy Paraclete.”