Catholic CornucopiadCheney

O gente felix hospita

O house of Nazareth the blest

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. O gente felix hospita
    Augusta sedes Nazaræ,
    Quæ fovit alma Ecclesi&aeli;g
    Et protulit primordia.
  2. Sol, qui pererrat aureo
    Terras jacentes lumine,
    Nil gratius per sæcula
    Hac vidit æde, aut sanctius.
  3. Ad hanc frequentes convolant
    Cœlestis aulæ nuntii,
    Virtutis hoc sacraium
    Visunt, revisunt, excolunt.
  4. Qua mente Jesus, qua manu,
    Optata patris perficit!
    Quo Virgo gestit gaudio
    Materna obire munera!
  5. Adest amoris particeps
    Curæque Joseph conjugi,
    Quos mille jungit nexibus
    Virtutis auctor gratia.
  6. Hi diligentes invicem
    In Jesu amorem confluunt,
    Utrique Jesus mutuæ
    Dat caritatis præmia.
  7. Sic fiat, ut nos caritas
    Jungat perenni fœdere,
    Pacemque alens domesticam
    Amara vitæ temperet!
  8. Jesu, tibi sit gloria,
    Qui natus es de Virgine,
    Cum Patre, et almo Spiritu,
    In sempiterna sæcula.
  1. O house of Nazareth the blest,
    Fair hostess of the Lord,
    The Church was nurtured at Thy breast,
    And shared thy scanty hoard.
  2. In all the spreading lands of earth
    The wandering sun may see
    No dearer spot, no ampler worth
    Than erst was found in thee!
  3. We know thy humble tenement
    Was heaven’s hermitage:
    Celestial heralds came and went
    In endless embassage.
  4. There, whatsoever Joseph asks
    Christ hastens to fulfill;
    While Mary loves the household tasks
    That wait her joyous will.
  5. There, Joseph toileth at her side
    Her joys and griefs to share,
    With thousand ties knit to his bride,
    Of love and work and prayer.
  6. Yet how their bosoms constant burn
    And deeper ardors prove
    In love of Christ, whose eyes return
    Tokens of mutual love.
  7. O then, in all the homes of earth,
    Be Love the bond of life:
    May it enthrone at every hearth
    The peace that husheth strife.
  8. O Jesu, born of Virgin bright,
    All glory be to Thee,
    With Father and with Paraclete,
    Through all eternity.
Author: Pope Leo XIII (1810-1903). Meter: Iambic dimeter. Translation by Monsignor Henry. There are three translations. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds on the Feast of the Holy Family.
  1. “O thou, in thy occupants (gente) most blessed, hospitable, august abode of Nazareth, which fostered and nourished the holy beginnings of the Church.” Gente, the Holy Family.
  2. “The sun, which with its golden light courses over the nations lying far below, hath through the ages seen nothing more pleasing than this house, nothing more holy.”
  3. “To it in great numbers fly the messengers of the heavenly court; they visit, revisit, and honor this sanctuary of virtue.”
  4. “With what a heart and hand doth Jesus fulfill the wishes of His foster-father! With what joy doth the Virgin strive to perform her maternal duties!” Mente, good will. Manu, diligence.
  5. “Sharing in her love and solicitude, St. Joseph stands ever beside his spouse; the very source of virtue graciously unites both with a thousand ties. Gratia, in a most loving manner.
  6. “Loving each other, they unite in their love for Jesus; and Jesus gives to both the rewards of mutual love.”
  7. “So may it happen that charity may unite us in an everlasting covenant; and fostering domestic peace may it alleviate the bitter things of life.”