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Liturgy: The Work of the People

General Roman Calendar


Movable Celebrations

Class Color Celebration Date
Movable Celebrations
S Epiphany Sunday between 2 Jan and 8 Jan
F Baptism of the Lord Sunday after Epiphany
F Ash Wednesday
S Passion (Palm) Sunday Sunday before Easter
S Holy Thursday Thursday before Easter
S Good Friday Friday before Easter
S Holy Saturday Saturday before Easter
S Easter
S Ascension of the Lord
S Pentecost
M Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church Monday after Pentecost
S Holy Trinity 1st Sunday after Pentecost
S Corpus Christi Thursday after Holy Trinity
S Sacred Heart Friday following the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost
O Immaculate Heart of Mary Saturday after Sacred Heart
S Christ the King Last Sunday of Ordinary Time
F Holy Family Sunday within octave of Christmas or 30 Dec


Day Class Color Celebration
1 S Mary, Mother of God
2 S Sts Basil the Great & Gregory Nazianzen, B & D
3 S The Most Holy Name of Jesus
7 S St Raymond of Penyafort, Pr
13 S St Hilary, B & D
17 S St Anthony, Ab
20 S St Fabian, P & M
20 S St Sebastian, M
21 S St Agnes, V & M
22 S St Vincent, De & M
24 S St Francis de Sales, B & D
25 S Conversion of St Paul, A
26 S Sts Timothy & Titus, B
27 S St Angela Merici, V
31 S St John Bosco, Pr


Day Class Color Celebration
2 F Presentation of the Lord
3 O St Ansgar, B
3 O St Blase, B & M
5 M St Agatha, V & M
6 M Sts Paul Miki and companions, M
8 O St Jerome Emiliani
8 O St Josephine Bakhita, v
10 M St Scholastica, V
11 O Our Lady of Lourdes
14 M Sts Cyril, Mo, and Methodius, B
17 O Seven Founders of the Order of Servites, R
21 O St Peter Damian, B & D
22 F Chair of St Peter, A
23 M St Polycarp, B & M
27 O St Gregory of Narek, Ab & D


Day Class Color Celebration
4 O St Casimir
7 M Sts Perpetua & Felicity, M
8 O St John of God, R
9 O St Frances of Rome, R
17 O St Patrick, B
18 O St Cyril of Jerusalem, B & D
19 S St Joseph, Husband of Mary
23 O St Turibius de Mongrovejo, B
25 S Annunciation of the Lord


Day Class Color Celebration
2 O St Francis of Paolo, H
4 O St Isidore, B & D
5 O St Vincent Ferrer, Pr
7 M St John Baptist de la Salle, Pr
11 M St Stanislaus, B & M
13 O St Martin I, P & M
21 O St Anselm, B & D
23 O St George, M
23 O St Adalbert, B & M
24 O St Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Pr & M
25 F St Mark, E
28 O St Peter Chanel, Pr & M
28 O St Louis Mary de Montfort, Pr
29 M St Catherine of Siena, V & D
30 O St Pius V, P


Day Class Color Celebration
1 O St Joseph the Worker
2 M St Athanasius, B & D
3 F Sts Philip & James, A
10 O St John De Avila, Pr & D
12 O Sts Nereus & Achilleus, M
12 O St Pancras, M
13 F Our Lady of Fatima
14 F St Matthias, A
18 O St John I, P & M
20 O St Bernardine of Siena, Pr
21 O St Christopher Magallanes, Pr & M, and companions, M
22 O St Rita of Cascia, R
25 O St Venerable Bede, Pr & D
25 O St Gregory VII, P
25 O St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, V
26 M St Philip Neri, Pr
27 O St Augustine of Canterbury, B
29 O St Paul VI, P
31 F Visitation of Mary


Day Class Color Celebration
1 M St Justin, M
2 O Sts Marcellinus & Peter, M
3 M Sts Charles Lwanga and companions, M
5 M St Boniface, B & M
6 O St Norbert, B
9 O St Ephrem, De & D
11 M St Barnabas, A
13 M St Anthony of Padua, Pr & D
19 O St Romuald, Ab
21 M St Aloysius Gonzaga, R
22 O St Paulinus of Nola, B
22 O Sts John Fisher, B & M; Thomas More, M
24 S Birth of St John the Baptist
27 O St Cyril of Alexandria, B & D
28 M St Irenaeus, B & M
29 S Sts Peter & Paul, A
30 O First Martyrs of the Church of Rome


Day Class Color Celebration
3 F St Thomas, A
4 O St Elizabeth of Portugal
5 O St Anthony Zaccaria, Pr
6 O St Maria Goretti, V & M
9 O St Augustine Zhao Rong, Pr & M, and companions, M
11 M St Benedict, Ab
13 O St Henry
14 O St Camillus de Lellis, Pr
15 M St Bonaventure, B & D
16 O Our Lady of Mount Carmel
20 O St Apollinarus, B & M
21 O St Lawrence of Brindisi, Pr & D
22 F St Mary Magdalene
23 O St Bridget, R
24 O St Sharbel Makhluf, Pr
25 F St James, A
26 M Sts Joachim and Ann, Parents of Mary
29 M Sts Martha, Mary and Lazarus
30 O St Peter Chrysologus, B & D
31 M St Ignatius of Loyola, Pr


Day Class Color Celebration
1 M St Alphonsus Liguori, B & D
2 O St Eusebius of Vercelli, B
2 O St Peter Julian Eymard, Pr
4 M St John Vianney, Pr
5 O Dedication of Basilica of St Mary Major
6 F Transfiguration
7 O St Cajetan, Pr
7 O Sts Sixtus II, P & M, and companions, M
8 M St Dominic, Pr
9 M St Teresiae Benedicta of the Cross, V & M
10 F St Lawrence, De & M
11 M St Clare, V
13 O Sts Pontian, P & M, and Hippolytus, Pr & M
14 M St Maximilian Mary Kolbe, Pr & M
15 S Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
16 O St Stephen of Hungary, K
19 O St John Eudes, Pr
20 M St Bernard, Ab & D
21 M St Pius X, P
22 M Queenship of Mary
23 O St Rose of Lima, V
24 F St Bartholomew, A
25 O St Louis, K
25 O St Joseph Calasanz, Pr
27 M St Monica, W
28 M St Augustine, B & D
29 M Beheading of St John the Baptist, M


Day Class Color Celebration
3 M St Gregory the Great, P & D
8 O Birth of Mary
9 O St Peter Claver, Pr
12 M The Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary
13 O St John Chrysostom, B & D
14 F Triumph of the Cross
15 O Our Lady of Sorrows
16 O Sts Cornelius, P & M, and Cyprian, B & M
17 M St Robert Bellarmine, B & D
17 O St Hildegard of Bingen, V & D
19 M St Januarius, B & M
20 F Sts Andrew Kim Taegon, Pr & M, Paul Chong Hasang, and companions, M
21 M St Matthew, A & E
23 O St Pio of Pietreclina, Pr (Padre Pio)
26 M Sts Cosmas and Damian, M
27 S St Vincent de Paul, Pr
28 O St Wenceslaus, M
28 O Sts Lawrence Ruiz and companions, M
29 M Sts Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels
30 M St Jerome, Pr & D


Day Class Color Celebration
1 M St Theresa of the Child Jesus, V
2 M Guardian Angels
4 M St Francis of Assisi, R
5 O St Maria Faustina (Helena) Kowalska, V
6 O St Bruno, Pr
7 M Our Lady of the Rosary
9 O St John Leonardi, Pr
9 O Sts Denis, B & M, and companions, M
11 O St John XXIII, P
14 O St Callistus I, P & M
15 M St Teresa of Jesus, V & D
16 O St Hedwig, R
16 O St Margaret Mary Alacoque, V
17 M St Ignatius of Antioch, B & M
18 F St Luke, E
19 O St Paul of the Cross, Pr
19 O Sts Isaac Jogues and John de Brébeuf, Pr & M, and companions, M
22 O St John Paul II, P
23 O St John of Capistrano, Pr
24 O St Anthony Claret, B
28 F Sts Simon and Jude, A


Day Class Color Celebration
1 S All Saints
2 F All Souls
3 O St Martin de Porres, R
4 M St Charles Borromeo, B
9 F Dedication of St. John Lateran
10 M St Leo the Great, P & D
11 M St Martin of Tours, B
12 M St Josaphat, B & M
15 O St Albert the Great, B & D
16 O St Margaret of Scotland; Gertrude, V
17 M St Elizabeth of Hungary, R
18 O Dedication of the Churches of Peter and Paul, A
21 M Presentation of Mary
22 M St Cecilia, V & M
23 O St Clement I, P & M; Columban, Ab
24 M Sts Andrew Dung-Lac, Pr & M, and companions, M
25 O St Catherine of Alexandria, V & M
30 F St Andrew, A


Day Class Color Celebration
3 M St Francis Xavier, Pr
4 O St John Damascene, Pr & D
6 O St Nicholas, B
7 M St Ambrose, B & D
8 S Immaculate Conception
10 O Our Lady of Loreto
11 O St Damasus I, P
12 O St Jane Frances de Chantal, R
13 M St Lucy, V & M
14 M St John of the Cross, Pr & D
21 O St Peter Canisius, Pr & D
23 O St John of Kanty, Pr
25 S Christmas
26 F St Stephen, First M
27 F St John, A & E
28 F Holy Innocents, M
29 O St Thomas Becket, B & M
31 O St Sylvester I, P

Abbreviations for Class: Solemnity, Feast, Memorial, Optional Memorial

Other Abbreviations: Blessed, Saint, Apostle, Abbot, Doctor, Deacon, Evangelist, Hermit, King, Martyr, Monk, Pope, Priest, Religious, Virgin, Widow.

Note: The color is the color of Mass vestments for that celebration.

Updated to reflect the Missale Romanum, editio typica tertia, released in 2002.


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