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The Holy Catholic Church;

Flowers from the Garden of the Liturgy

Rev. William J. Barry

“The many lesser ministrations of grace, which seem to us minute and of very secondary importance, have their value and their efficacy, which now escape our notice, but may, one day, appear as they deserve.”
Cardinal Wiseman.

Printed and Published by John P. Walsh,
170 Sycamore Street.
And sold by all Catholic booksellers in the United States.


We approve of the publication of the “Sacramentals,” written by Rev. William James Barry, Professor in Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. Cincinnati, and recommend it to the faithful as a work of instruction and piety.
✠ John B., Archbishop of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Feast of St. Charles, 1857.


This online edition is based on the original print edition, published in 1858.
Fr. William J. Barry was born on 13 October 1834 and died 20 April 1863.

Online Edition Copyright David M. Cheney, 2019.