Catholic CornucopiadCheney


The Sacramentals of the Holy Catholic Church

To The

Right Rev. Richard Phelan, D.D.,
Bishop of Pittsburg.

Right Rev. Dear Bishop:

In pausing to review the period of more than thirty-three years during which time I have enjoyed the benefit of your direction as your penitent; the light of your example as your brother priest; and the advantage and I encouragement of your paternal rule as a priest of your diocese, I beg the privilege, on this day, on which I complete my fiftieth year, of offering you this little volume as a memorial of the friendship which has so long existed between us, but of which it is a very inadequate expression.

   I am, my dear Bishop,
      Your devoted son in Christ,
         A. A. Lamberg.

Feast of St. Ignatius, Bishop and Martyr,
1, 1892.